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Professional Mold Inspection Services in Newington, CT

Mold is one of the most common problems in homes. It can be found in the air, on surfaces, and inside walls. The problem is that mold can be a hidden danger to your health. At Magnified Home Inspections, LLC, we offer thorough mold inspection services in Newington, CT. You can request our service as an add-on to your regular home inspection or alone.

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Let us find mold problems in your home before they become a problem. Our mold inspector will inspect every inch of your living space for signs of mold growth or damage caused by it. We’ll check out your basement, attic and other areas where moisture can collect and grow mold over time. Then, we’ll provide a detailed report with our findings and mold treatment recommendations. You’ll know what needs mold remediation before any further damage is done.

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Looking for a professional mold inspection company in Newington, CT? Look no further! You don’t want to wait until you’ve suffered irreparable damage to your home or workplace before you take action. We offer mold test inspection services that help you ensure your peace of mind. Our team has years of experience in mold inspection, so we’ll ensure that we can identify any problem you’re facing quickly.

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Home Inspections

Discover the overall condition of a property before making the purchase.

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Pre Inspections

Prevent unwanted surprises before closing a deal with a potential buyer.

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Radon Testing

Let us evaluate your home to ensure it's radon-free & safe to live in.

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Water Testing

Allow our team to determine the overall condition of your source of water.

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Mold inspection

We do a thorough inspection of your home to identify if there is mold growing.

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